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Time for one of these again, I guess.

I'm a middle-aged (gen-x), (Aus) woman working in IT. Politically left-leaning (small L liberal), . I have opinions. I may or may not share them.

I'm interested in

And a heap of other things. Mostly I toot about my cats though.

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Whenever I receive mail addressed 'To the householder' I have to fight the urge to 'return to sender, not at this address'.


Look what the cat dragged in. Pending relocation.

Pi's love languages are touch and talk.
Phizzy's are warmth and food.

Driving to Canberra in a few weeks, decided to overnight in Holbrook. It's been a few years since I saw the submarine.

I'm reminded again of how different my cats are.

2 days in and Phiz had accepted the couch, in her own contained way.
Coincidentally she can also watch the front door from here.

Couch + cat 

Phiz is slowly accepting the new couch.
It's passed the bathroom check.
She's only sat on it with me in between so far though. Guess I'm just her favourite cushion.

3 seater couch. Pi easily fills half.

He's seriously loving this couch so much I feel bad that I didn't know earlier it would make him happy.

Phizzy has decided I've done enough work for today. I can no longer reach my keyboard.

She melts my heart.

She was laying on the fake grass in the sun and got too hot, so crawled into the tunnel. This tunnel almost got thrown out last weekend.

Monday (-) 


Don't wanna.

Melbourne summer weather 

A few days ago I had the air con on. Today I put the heater on.

I'm lucky to have both.

I'm unlucky to have health conditions that react badly to temp changes. :/

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