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Time for one of these again, I guess.

I'm a middle-aged (gen-x), (Aus) woman working in IT. Politically left-leaning (small L liberal), . I have opinions. I may or may not share them.

I'm interested in

And a heap of other things. Mostly I toot about my cats though.

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Messages from my cats (a thread) 

(I am now in the ER, about to be admitted.)

Dear Nanny, J refuses to take us up to the hospital to be with Mum I know she needs me to protect her. Can you talk to him?
Love Pi.

Dear Nanny, so many beds I could sleep on, it's not fair. Oh, also Mum. Love Phizzy

Dear Pi & Phizzy, I don't think Mum packed food for your breakfast or dinner so you are better off at home. We will check with you tomorrow to see if you are being well looked after. Love Nanny.

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Messages from my cats (a thread) 

(Accompanied by a photo of Pi on the bed with me.)

I finally got Mum to go back to bed. It's hard to protect her when she's in the loungeroom - too many doorways.

Folks: You really do have a problem getting her to be sensible.
We do appreciate all your efforts.
You have earned your rest.

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Messages from my cats (a thread) 

(J is a friend who came to look after me as I got sicker.)

J got UberEATS last night but none for us! Mum fed us this morning though. We think she's malingering, you don't see us sleeping for 16+ hours a day! Can we come live with you and Poppy?

Some people can be very selfish about not sharing. I don't think you would approve of how much we sleep so you are probably better off down there. Lots of rain up here so you would have to stay inside. Love N&P

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Messages from my cats (a thread) 

Dear Nanny,
I keep tapping her and she just growls at me. Please send food.
Love Pi.

I'm snuggled up with mum. She is nice and warm. How long does it take a dead body to cool down? Check back then.
Love Phiz.

Dear Phiz & Pi
At least a couple of hours.
Have you had breakfast yet or do you need me to send an uber with food?
Love Nanny

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Messages from my cats (a thread) 

Background & context

I'd been progressively getting sicker and my folks live 1500km away.
I'd been sending them an SMS each morning.
"I'm alive"
"Still alive"

Got boring very rapidly. Enter my cats.

Pi: an almost 8yr old Bengal. Lives for food & pats. Friend to all, but loves me above all things.

Phiz(zy): an 8yr old tortoiseshell. Lives for food & laps. Can be stand-offish. Appreciates a warm bed as long as no-one disturbs her. Loves her morning snuggles.

Has anyone done a count of public pools to determine for how many years we can @AppeasePoseidon ?

Pi is keeping the PS4 warm. Or something like that.

(The recharge cables aren't long enough.)

I thought it about time I posted another photo of the back of Pi's head.

He doesn't sit still for long, just a minute or two of pats, wanders off and comes back for more about 10 mins later.

Phizzy approves of the sunshine today. But she insisted on company and cried until I joined her outside.

Geek/nerd activities in Sydney? 

A friend of mine with a 14yr old is heading to Sydney next week.
Son is highly intelligent, on the spectrum, low tolerance for people, etc.
Any idea for activities that might interest him?

Sorry, I can't work from the office. My cat needs me as his afternoon nap pillow.

The biggest dilemma my cats have each day, is which bed, tree, chair, etc they are going to sleep on, in, under.

Phizzy considered her options carefully today; checked the weather, and chose the snuggly one under the window.

I bought the cats a (second hand) egg chair. I've been teaching Pi that it is 'good' by putting him in it and then patting him a lot, and only patting him when he is in it.

He hasn't gotten in voluntarily yet, but he's sat in it quite happily after the pats finish.

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