When I got home the couch dwelling fur slug was doing her darndest to pretend she was very asleep but she just couldn't trust me standing above her without taking a peek to see what I was doing.

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If the phrase "sex industry" makes you think of massive exploitation but no other industry does, you need to ask yourself why

Tfw you realise you packed the wrong laptop charger and the battery is going to die halfway through the work day.

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This is Pi. Pi is blasΓ©.

Pi doesn't realise it is a back/chin/head scratching thing, but doesn't care. Pi would be good at croquet.

This is Phizzy. Phizzy is cautious.

Phizzy isn't sure what it is and isn't prepared to get closer than she is right now.

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General Saturday whinge Show more

Salome and Chrissy all snuggled up together against the cold.

Not all Australian animals will kill you...

Chrissy has decided that I'm not going anywhere.

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Had a rough day?

Please fell free to rub my belly.

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