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Time for one of these again, I guess.

I'm a middle-aged (gen-x), (Aus) woman working in IT. Politically left-leaning (small L liberal), . I have opinions. I may or may not share them.

I'm interested in

And a heap of other things. Mostly I toot about my cats though.

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How do *you* pronounce UAT?

EC + cat 

Rare moment of stillness. Just a pity I can't actually *do" anything while he's being sweet like this.

Selfie (EC) + cat 

Phizzy snuggled into my shoulder during a team video meeting and there were a dozen "Awwws" at once.

Melbourne/Australia online gift shop recommendations 

I have a significant birthday coming up, and expect to be spending it alone and in lockdown.

I'm a fan of hand-crafted jewellery (rings/necklaces), and homewares etc.

Hit me up with anywhere you know of - I want to treat myself.

Leatherwork/pleather-work question 

To construct what I want to construct, my brain is telling me leather strap will work.

Dowel rods screwed to one side of the leather belt blank, and then the leather strap glued and screwed to wooden platforms (to create an aesthetically pleasing wooden cat climbing tower like

My question is: will pleather work? It's cheaper and length constraints don't really exist. I haven't worked with pleather before, so I don't have a feel for it.

How long after starting my new job should I cut all my hair off? (Self cut with #4 shaver & scissors - some limited attempt to shape.)

Mesh wifi - update 

I ordered the Tenda mesh, arrived a few minutes ago. Set it up and messaged my neighbour.

Success! She can reach the network.

I've given her the 3rd box to boost it through to the far end of their house.

Now her elderly mother can watch shows in her native language (Russian) and be more engaged in life.

Thanks all for your input. Mission accomplished.

@peemee @tqft @Naeva @screenbeard @kev

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Mesh wifi - opinions? 

I'm looking for a basic mesh wifi setup - to boost upstairs (not strictly necessary), but also to extend into my elderly neighbour's house (close) so she can have internet / netflix etc during lockdown.

Opinions? I can't justify spending a lot, currently looking at the cheapest 3 unit system - Tenda Nova MW3.

is wet and complaining that the front door is closed, when he wants it to be open so he can go back out into the rain.

1am, and I'm wondering where my cats are.
Then my neighbour posts on Facebook...

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