Re-toot if you remember when the default webpage color was grey and you had to overwrite that if you wanted a white page.

You need a lapcat not a laptop. Both can keep your lap warm, only one is soft and furry and helps keep your blood pressure down. #Mastocats

#BunnyTips Cover your telephone and charger wires. Your bunny will attempt to chew through them at the first opportunity.

This is to isolate you, ensuring you cannot call for help.

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@koosli @TechnicalKO @geordie ricotta! Will fridge it overnight, and add to pancakes in the morning.

reading everyones hot takes about the daily dot piece. ugh. people are really forgetting how decentralization works. there is no "mastodon" culture. there are bubbles. failing to mention that over half the people on the fediverse don't speak english and live in countries that have their own politics and their own presidents and dictators to talk about.

Eugen does not rule by fear nor by love but rather by a long series of cat photos

Chrissy has found a new hiding place during feather play - Under @pelagikat 's skirt!

Season 2 of Discovery soon. They better make good on the stuff from the end of season 1.

"So you're a shapeshifter? Cool! I've always wanted to be a wolf, or wombat, or-"
"We can only take the shape of one animal."
"Oh. Which one?"
"It varies from person to person."
"Yeah, but what's yours?"
"But you are..."
"Oh, I have taken human shape for the moment."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Dear all, I am humbled and proud to tell you that I have accepted a role as Tasmanian Chief of Staff for Severe Weather Australia, who can be followed Really looking forward working with Tassie Storm Chasers. #weather #tasmania

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