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Time for one of these again, I guess.

I'm a middle-aged (gen-x), (Aus) woman working in IT. Politically left-leaning (small L liberal), . I have opinions. I may or may not share them.

I'm interested in

And a heap of other things. Mostly I toot about my cats though.

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Mesh wifi - update 

I ordered the Tenda mesh, arrived a few minutes ago. Set it up and messaged my neighbour.

Success! She can reach the network.

I've given her the 3rd box to boost it through to the far end of their house.

Now her elderly mother can watch shows in her native language (Russian) and be more engaged in life.

Thanks all for your input. Mission accomplished.

@peemee @tqft @Naeva @screenbeard @kev

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Mesh wifi - opinions? 

I'm looking for a basic mesh wifi setup - to boost upstairs (not strictly necessary), but also to extend into my elderly neighbour's house (close) so she can have internet / netflix etc during lockdown.

Opinions? I can't justify spending a lot, currently looking at the cheapest 3 unit system - Tenda Nova MW3.

is wet and complaining that the front door is closed, when he wants it to be open so he can go back out into the rain.

1am, and I'm wondering where my cats are.
Then my neighbour posts on Facebook...

I suspect this cat is ridiculously happy right now. Purring gently and making occasional happy chirrups.

spent the day with the front neighbour, and has just come home to ensure she doesn't miss out on dinner.

1. Jump up onto neighbour's windowsill (6' off the ground)
2. Wait for neighbour to see her and let her in
3. Claim a tapestry covered chair and roll around on it (with selfie video posted on FB)
4. Explore cupboards
5. Check out what's being cooked
6. Decide it's time to leave and get neighbour to open their back door and gate, and then knock on my front door.

Cooking appliances - multi-cooker 


I've been given a store gift card and I'm eyeing off a crock-pot multi-cooker.

I use my slow cooker and rice cooker heaps - figuring one machine to replace them with added risotto/saute/pressure cooking could be a good thing.

You ever wake up from that nightmare where it feels like you can't breath and there's something heavy on your chest?

Me too.

This is a cat that knows when it's lunchtime.

This is also a cat that would argue he is on a placemat, not the table, and therefore should not get into trouble.

Want to support the AUWU and get something cool in return (other than those good, good feelings)?

Job interview (-) 

Right. Emergency chocolate time.

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Job interview (-) 

Did not go well, don't think I'll get to second round.

TBF, the things they wanted to know that I couldn't answer are all available as references on the internet (so why do I need to commit then to memory?), Or aren't things I said I already had.

Also had Pi throwing himself at the (closed) door and complaining loudly from about half way though...

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